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Skin So Soft Uses

Tuesday, December 24 2013

1.  Obviously, the number one use for Skin So Soft is a cap-full or two in the tub for smooth, silky skin and to relieve itchy winter skin.  I wouldn't put it in with your bubble bath though, as it tends to kill the bubbles. 

2.  If you don't have the luxury of soaking in a tub, as most of us don't now days, you can purchase it in a spray bottle or buy the big bottle and purchase your own spray bottle from the dollar store and keep refilling it; then just spray it on lightly after your bath and rub it in your skin.  I have been using it on my granddaughter after her bath (because she prefers lots of bubble) since she was 6 months old and it has never bothered her skin.  Makes her soft, smelling good and perfect for snuggling!

3.  It makes a great makeup remover.  Just put a small amount on a cotton ball or cosmetic sponge and rub or dab gently.  

4.  You can use it to moisturize dry cuticles by rubbing a tiny bit on with a Q-Tip, cotton ball or cosmetic sponge.  For a special treat, warm it up a bit in the microwave and soak your fingers. 

5.  Use it as a great-smelling massage oil on your partner for tired muscles :)

Okay, that's all common knowledge, now for the stuff you may not have thought of....

6.  It makes a great gentle skin cleanser for taking off permanent marker, ink, oil, grease and paint; and yes, raising 3 kids, I have had plenty of chances to try this. 

7.  Use it to also remove bandage tape off of skin.

8.  Its a wonderful mosquito or other flying insect repellent, including those nasty chiggers that thrive in the grass. 

9.  Add a cap-full or two to liquid soap to use as a gentle shave gel for arms, legs and other sensitive areas.

10.  It can be used to remove chewing gum from hair, skin or carpeting. 

11.  Use it to remove head lice.  Saturate hair (make sure to get the scalp) and wrap in a towel or shower cap and let set for 20-30 minutes, then wash well.

12.  Spray on those pesky indoor sugar ants to kill them instantly.  You can also spray it on your window sills or sponge it on to keep crawling bugs out. 

13.  Just a dab rubbed into your towel-dried hair makes a great leave-in conditioner and leaves your hair shiny.

14.   Makes a great wood cleaner, furniture polish and conditioner for natural wood surfaces and furniture.

15.  Removes price tag and label glue from glass, metal and other nonporous surfaces.

16.  Use it to remove hard water deposits and soap scum from bathroom and kitchen fixtures, tile and shower doors.  

17.  Use it as a lubricant to fit together pipes.

18.  Makes a great brass protectant to keep it from turning color. 

19.  Removes crayons from most nonpourous surfaces.

20.  If you put a cap-full in your cleaning water when you wash you cupboards, it will deter crawling bugs.

21.  Use it to clean leather and keep it soft and supple; including shoes, boot, belts and purses.  Also removes scuff marks. 

22.  Spray a little on your air-conditioning and heating filters to keep your incoming air fresh-smelling.

23.  Removes candle wax from furniture, carpeting and clothing.

24.  To keep bees away from hummingbird feeders, rub a small amount on the outer surface of the feeder.

25.  Spray on flowers to keep bugs and animals from eating them.

26.  Spray directly on house spiders to kill them.

27.  Add to washer before you add the clothes to use as a fabric softener.

28.  Spray on you animals coat to make them shine while keeping the bugs off.

29.  Put it in your pets bath water to get rid of and repel fleas and to keep them smelling great.

30.  Rub it on your hands before and after working with pets and farm animals to keep the odors away.

31.  Makes a great looking and great smelling hoof polish.

32.  Use it in your horses bath water to keep flies off, condition their skin and keep them great smelling.

33.  When braiding a horses mane, spray it on your hands.  The braiding goes easier and stays in longer.

34.  Removes tar spots from your car.

35.  Great cleaner for vinyl dashboards, seats and car tops and keeps them from cracking.

36.  Removes tree sap from skin.

37.  Rub Skin So Soft on your headlight (of your car) to keep bugs from sticking.

39.  Clip a Skin So Soft towelette to a vent in your car for a great air freshener.

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